I am a car mechanic. My work requires me to get under the vehicle for repairs. Because of this, my badge holder often gets damaged when my uniform rubs against the ground, and my work ID also gets lost or smeared with nasty grease. It is also inconvenient for me to wear the badge holder around my neck. It would be really great if it had a back clip so that I could clip it to my uniform. I had bought a lot of badge holders in the past, but none of them worked for me--traditional plastic ones were too thin; leather ones were not durable, and some only had room for one card, so I had to buy a number of them to carry all of my cards.


Then, I began to design the badge holder that I had always wanted. I made the front cover with transparent PC material and the back cover with stronger material and added a stainless steel clip in the back so I can clip it wherever I need it. Meanwhile, insert a spring mechanism inside the badge holder so that it can hold cards firmly. The LIUGX badge holder was born!


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